My favorite word is ‘wholesome’ although I have to emphasis for clarity, it is ‘wholesome’ with a dash of neon.

I was thinking about my favorite word and it came it me that it parallels the design style of minimalism. I articulated in PROFESSIONALIZATION my design taste palette. It is configured of a minimalist, modern-classical, pop culture-modernism. The phrase stuck in my mind, “chrome with a dash of neon.” That would rightly define the minimalist and pop culture-modernism, but left out the modern-classical. The modern-classical seems to be my preferred context. What looks great with a traditional wood and brick? Chrome with a dash of neon!; such as that of Renaissance Hall on the downtown campus of NDSU, in Fargo, ND.

The modern-classical is the traditional, the high-class, the history. It is presented differently in different cultures. Renaissance Hall is an example of Midwestern modern-classicism, an industrial era Main Street connected to the railroad, a rebuilding after fires demolished the traditional wooden builds. It is a common accent in the time frame of American history, strewn about the country as the locomotive traced it’s way from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

This modern-classicism is in direct correlation with the technological. As mentioned, the advancement of the railroad, then the automobile, industries building their old fashion brick factories along the Main Streets to have access to the railroad. It comes full circle to the chrome, the neon, the

modernism of the times, now call for a different structure. Once again I use Renaissance Hall as an example. Reuse, recycling, revitalization, remediation, environmental design, these are the new technologies.

TO BE COMPLETED…not right now, ha ha :)


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