One of my favorite movies is The Social Network. In fact I’m watching it while I work on a project of my own. No, nothing impressive, simply an interactive flash media for my thesis project.

Inspired by the scene following the opening clip, when character, Mark, is making ‘FaceSmash’ simultaneously blogging about it.

working on scrollbar, trying to scroll content behind a masking layer, so scenes can switch, but the foreground will remain the same. The aim is the have very wide content that scrolls. After I accomplish this, I have to take the dogs on a long walk. Hopefully I can get it done soon, their patience is waning.


Oh crap I forgot about Engl. Everything is done except the intro memo & I have to load media & link it all. I’ll get back to this.


Finally got scroll bar working again, now I have to fix the scrollpane. I can see my work, but it won’t publish.


scrollbar working with scrollcontent. need to fix function equation though. The scrollbar size is not equal to that of the scrollpane, therefore, I have to figure out the ratio so that:

\vartriangle \!\,in |x| (scroller on scrollbar) = \vartriangle \!\,in |x|(scrollcontent on scrollpane(mask))


wow. almost no words. I’ve been working on this scroll bar equation for far too long. I finally have the left justified, but need to fix the right. It so simple, but scripting…fails logic sometimes. I really need to eat something, but I don’t want to move until I figure this out. Hm…determination, both a gift and a curse.


finally figured out the equation to scroll the pane. Tedious. Now I have to rewrite all the rest. All links are messed up. Have to either break them all apart and re-symbol them, or just start over…………ugh. At least I can’t foresee any more big problems, for now anyway. When I add the rest of the Scenes for the entire thing that may get tricky, but just the inv/ana/master ought to be simple, just a long and tedious process. Good morning/good night.

Worst of the worst. I really want to redo my Tumblr page. Oh, maybe sometime in the future…distant future.

Sat 10:04pm

Been working all day on this, ran into another snag. Needed to scroll a different movie clip for each page…ie. each page had a different 11×34 page to scroll, ie. Inventory:Hydrology, Inventory:Geology, etc.

Finally got the figured out. My aim is to keep all of the script on one scene and none on any objects. It works better that way. I couldn’t quite do that. I couldn’t figure out how to edit the scrollbar for an Array or Variable to use the command ContentClip to represent each 11×34 with the command saying:

ContentClip can = contentcliphome, contentclipabstract, contentclipetcetc;
When I click this button, ContentClip = contentcliphome

That was the idea, couldn’t get it to work, so instead I had to put an action at each contentclip enterframe:

var ContentClip = contentclipwhateverthepageis

This is far less effiecient which really sucks, but I’ve spent WAY too much time on this already, so I’m going to move on. I may end up doing a movieloader later. That would work, but I don’t have time to play around with it.

Sat 11:31pm

Ended up wasting the time. Wast it a waste however? I got it to work.

Sun 2:53pm

Nearly done with beginning sequence. Just need animate the intro and back to fixing the inv/master sequence.

Sun 5:50pm

Done with the beginning sequence, looking really good.

Mon 3:40

Found out scrollbar problem when going back to homepage. Scrollbar dragger stays in place and drags from current position to the left, off of the tracks. I need to fix this.

Mon 3:40

Found out scrollbar problem when going back to homepage. Scrollbar dragger stays in place and drags from current position to the left, off of the tracks. I need to fix this.

Mon 5:39

Had to take a break, realize my Engl links were off, had to fix. Anyway, fixed the scroller problem so when you click the HOME button, the contentclip and the dragger is reset to the original position:

this.HOME_btn.onRelease = function(){
_root.contentclip._x = 1;
dragger._x = track._x;

Mon 6:45

For some reason the inv button keeps linking to the masterplan header, but plays the inv clip?

Mon 10:21

Still having problems loading the right contentclips. So I wanted to have the opening scene on the HOMEpage fade out and at the end of the fade out it would go to the page corresponding to the button that was pushed. I couldn’t get that to work the way I wanted, so I’m going to attempt a different technique of actionscript easing, so to program all the buttons to fade, the problem I foresee will be making the next scene wait to load until after the easing has taken place…maybe by actionscript coding to ease those in, but…? We’ll see, first things first. I really have wasted WAY too much time on this already.

Tues 6pm

Well, this sucks. On the upside I found a more efficient way of coding using the array, which will indeed work to set the ‘gotoAndPlay’ frames, on the downside, I have to redo all of the buttons so that they begin at (0,0) for the actionscript easing to work, I don’t have to, but it would harder to go all of the btns and find their coordinates each.

Tues 11pm

Finally found a way to null the button RollOver actions for the HOMEpage fade out sequence. I placed a transparent movieclip called ‘blocker’ on top of the buttons.

btn[b].onRollOver = function(){
btn[b].onRollOut = function (){
btn[b].onPress = function (){
btn[b].onRelease = function (){
blocker.onRelease = function() {};
blocker.useHandCursor = false;

Thurs 1am

currently asking myself why I started this venture, probably thought this would be easier. I always underestimate my ambition. Fixed the ‘out’ animation with this for each button. This pauses the gotoAndPlay from the ‘frame’ called “pst” in this case, while the button ‘out’ sequence finishes.

this.pst_btn.onPress = function(){
function wait() {
var myInterval = setInterval(function (){
clearInterval(myInterval);}, 500);}

Thurs 6pm

finally got the foreground fade in to work with this:


btn[b].onRelease = function (){
delete this.onEnterFrame;
blocker.onRelease = function() {};
blocker.useHandCursor = false;

new Tween(HOME_footer, “_alpha”, None.easeIn, 0, 100, 1, true);}}

Thurs 8:23pm

working on the Headers now. It is pretty much smooth sailing from here. The only problem I can foresee is the buttons on the headers. I don’t think it should be a problem though.

Fri 8:40pm

Flash keeps quitting on me….Urgh! The worst part is that when it does, I don’t know where I had left off.

Sat 11:40pm

Got the multiple scrollbars to work. I had to put each one in a separate movieclip, they had to be loaded on the same frame as the actions (I’m trying to keep all actions on one script), so I had to set them at ._alpha = 0, and them call the ._alpha = 100 on the instance of the button onRelease that they corresponded to. The variable equation also had to be renamed for each one. Example:

r = (this._x-x)/(track._width-this._width);
dx = Math.round((((left-(left-right)*r)-contentclip._x)/speed)*friction);
contentclip._x += dx;};};

r1 = (this._y-y1)/(contentclippid1.tracker1._height-this._height);
d1x = Math.round((((top1-(top1-bottom1)*r1)-contentclippid1.contentclippidtxt1._y)/speed1)*friction1);
contentclippid1.contentclippidtxt1._y += d1x;};};

Mon 4:23am

The menus are pretty much complete. I could clean up the code a bit, but don’t have time for it now. Moving on to the content.

Worried about confrontation tomorrow with my professor. It took a lot longer than I thought to get this interactive flash media done, and people around here tend to be rather inflexible when it comes to deadlines. The entire project is due at the end of the year, and I understand having milestones to keep on track and make sure we are making progress. However, I have essentially worked well ahead in one area (this the presentation), but am behind on the other (the masterplanning). Since it evens out and I am getting the work done, I don’t feel the need to have my process regimented, as long as in the end, the project is complete. Not all professors think this way, my more prestigious professors from CSU would have agreed with my process…supporting everyone following their own process, being their own people, as opposed to this high school like mentality, that punishes creativity and awards the cookie-cutter generic. Hence the difference between the success of the prestigious and…. the people that work for them.

Mon 4:13pm

My nerves are on the fritz; stomach do cartwheels and flips; nauseous, anxious. I should have called this post ‘ad tedium’. Well, I can’t wait to go to English tonight. I like that class. I wish I could enjoy my classes more without the constant pressure of the ‘doing’ and the ‘get done’. It is just so much, so fast, I can’t keep up and I feel my body rebelling against it, requesting repose on a hillside, soaking in the sun and letting the breeze wash over me. Best get back to the loading images on the webpage, before I have to shower and get to class.

Thurs 12:31pm

Working on the webpage, trying to update all of the basics of the booklet before going back to further work on the master plan. Kind of like rereading an essay outline, to reaffirm the paper isn’t becoming a rant or going off topic….

Today and tomorrow will focus on thesis, I need to at least get my master nice and crisp as far as placement goes. I can render it later, that is the easy part. Then the weekend I’ll have to shift gears and get re-caught-up with ENGL326.

I don’t think it is a bad thing that I love school and learning and projects so much…however, I do think it gets me into trouble sometimes. On top of that there is ASLA. I like it all so much I want to give every assignment my full attention and care, but that usually leaves me with missed deadlines because I have to put one thing off, until I have the other perfected (or at least close to my accepted level of standard). I have this feeling though, this feeling like that is going to pay off BIG time one day….and that makes me smile.

I have to add however, the lack of personal time is disheartening. The notion of ‘homework’…I can’t wait for that concept to end. I’ll be pleased when ‘work’ becomes work and ‘home’ becomes home.

Fri 7:31pm

Masterplanning. Ironically…I may end up scrapping the webpage…then again, a quick reformat might be practical….Hm, we shall see.


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