In 1997, the slogan “think different” was created by Chiat/Day art director Craig Tanimoto as a means of brand image for Apple. Print advertisements and promotional posters featured iconic 20th century personalities, each ad, a portrait of a historic figure. A small Apple logo centered above the serifed font words “Think Different” occupied one corner of each ad. Six sets (29 total) of “Think Different” posters were created. Set 5 was never officially released.

SET1 ///// Amelia Earhart // Alfred Hitchcock // Pablo Picasso // Mahatma Gandhi // Thomas Edison

SET2///// Maria Callas // Martha Graham // Joan Baez // Ted Turner // 14th Dalai Lama (never officially released)

SET3 ///// Jim Henson // Miles Davis // Ansel Adams // Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz // Bob Dylan (never officially released)

SET4 ///// Frank Sinatra // Richard Feynman // Jackie Robinson // Cesar Chavez

SET5 ///// Charlie Chaplin // Francis Ford Coppola // Orson Welles // Frank Capra // John Huston

EDUCATOR’S SET ///// Albert Einstein /Amelia Earhart /Miles Davis /Jim Henson /Jane Goodall /Mahatma Gandhi /John Lennon & Yoko Ono /Cesar Chavez /James Watson /Pablo Picasso

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During a special event held on October 14, 1998 at the Flint Center in Cupertino California, a limited edition 11″ x 14″ softbound book was given to employees and affiliates of Apple Computer, Inc. to commemorate the first year of the ad campaign. The 50 page book contained a forward by Steve Jobs, the text of the original Think Different ad, and illustrations of many of the posters used in the campaign along with narratives describing each person.

The Crazy Ones

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