JAMES TURRELL// light and space /3



blue_planet_sky_2004_1-810x1024 blue_planet_sky_2004_5-810x1024 blue_planet_sky_2004_7-810x1024

Turrell has done several Skyscapes, including one for his local church.

Seldom Seen_Houghton Hall/Norfolk England,
Blue Planet Sky_21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa/Kanazawa, Japan

One Accord_Live Oak Friends Meeting House/Houston, Texas

Space That Sees_Israel Museum/Jerusalem, Israel
Sky Pesher_Walker Art Center/Minneapolis, Minnesota
Stone Sky_Stonescape/Calistoga, California
Outside, Insight_Kulturforum, Rudolf Steiner/Järna, Södertälje, Sweden

Price_interior turrell_p186_2 Turrell_p212_comp

Turrell acquired the crater, located on southwestern edge of the Painted Desertnear  outside Flagstaff, AZ in 1979.. The crater will be developed into a naked-eye observatory. Roden Crater consists of a series of chambers, pathways, tunnels, and openings. One of which is a skyscape, which in a reversal from his typical works, that create illusion, part the skyscape will reverse the already illusory experience of earth’s rotation as the celestial phenomina ‘rise’ and ‘set’. Turrell explains in an Art21 video, one precives the rotation of the earth as rising, rather then relating to it’s actual rotational quality. Through the skyspace, views may witness this reality.
[vimeo http://vimeo.com/66687698 align=left&w=708&h=225]
The East Portal through the Alpha Tunnel to the Sun/Moon Chamber serves as a pinhole camera, transmitting light from the East Portal aperture, the Alpha Tunnel focuses images on the west side of the monumental image stone in the chamber annually for the southernmost sunset (ten days before and ten days after the Winter Solstice). The Alpha Tunnel also serving as a naked eye telescope for the setting moon.
crater1 121112_SunMoon_ctr-745x434
DATASTREAM : ancient proto-observatories with observation post
Karahunj, Armenia | Stonehenge, Great Britain | Chankillo, Peru | El Caracol, Mexico | Abu Simbel, Egypt | Kokino, Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia | Goseck circle, Germany | Ujjain, India | Arkaim, Russia | Cheomseongdae, South Korea | Angkor Wat, Cambodia | Maes Howe_Scotland | Newgrange_Ireland



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