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I quote Ayn Rand’s lead character in The Fountainhead, “I do not build in order to have clients, I have clients in order to build.” We live in a series of spaces. Each of these spaces has a function of utility to serve our lives. The work I do creates, articulates, and defines the utility of these habitat to ergonomically serve our lives.

These spaces vary in scale and function. I look at a space and ask questions that range from drainage, to pollution, to circulation, to the psychological, sociological, and physiological in terms of effects and demands of the inhabitants. I walk into a plaza and can’t help but analyze how the drainage system works. I analyze what types of people gravitate towards what spaces and why. I look at how the spaces create microclimates from shading in the summer to capturing heat and light in the winter. And then I ask myself, “How could I design this space to better function to serve its users?”

A humble public servant using an array of tools (pens, pencils, paper, computer software, models, science, math, psychology, sociology, history, travel, experience, inspiration, nature, and art) to convey a message, that is my work. With that message I expresses a function, a utility, as simple as a space to look up at the stars, or as complex as planning a park system for flood control to save communities while providing public amenity. It is the praxis of functional aesthetics.

The utility of space.
by vchefti



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