ENGL326 //writing in the design profession





The following links are samples of professional documents, both represented as physical documents and digital online media. The works are intend to express a professional self in the digital world.

Resume consists of a sample Cover Letter and Resume tailored to a specific firm of interest. The intent of the work is to know the firm, the ‘audience’ and tailor the content to that recipient. The goal of the Cover Letter is to express interest in seeking employment with that specific firm. Knowing the specifications of the ‘audience’ is generally a precursor to wanting employment with them, however the Cover Letter needs to express those why the writer, myself, fits those specifications and shared interests. The Resume follows in fashion as an outline informing the audience of who I am. The audience must know qualifications, that would express I am indeed suited for the position. Trust building takes time, and the resume can be the beginning of that trust building, by saying “Here’s is what I have done, here is what I am capable of doing, and here are people who can back that up.”

The Digital Self is an exploration of who I am expressed as an online personality. The exploration of the digital self is followed by the project details of steps taken to professionalize the digital self, so the expression of that online personality reflects the professional interests of the real self.

Finally, MicroComposition consists of samples of professional digital media that further supports the identify of the digital self. Samples here include three blog posts of short professional synopsis’ on topics or projects by professional colleagues in my fields of interest, and a sample of Twitterfeeds that further express my fields of interest through the expression of what digital media the digital self chooses to share with others online.



This unit focuses on an international cooperative project and overall focus on review and reflection. The Trans-Atlantic Project Proposal consists of answering a theoretical Request for Proposal for a site in Paris, France. The Proposal was translated into French by an assigned overseas correspondent, with the aim on my part to practice the genre of professional proposal writing with an additional challenge of preparing the document for translation, as a practice in the importance of ever-increasing globalization and international business.

The theoretical Request for Proposal is a result of a desired project type formulated by my interests. An overarching discussion throughout this course has been the context and content of genre, highly emphasizing the notion of mixed-genre. I have expounded in several blog posts my ideas and thoughts on this within different contexts, genres, and audiences. Correlating these ideas to my specific design field, I decided to optimize the notion of mixed-genre figuratively in a mixed-use, multi-functional landscape, while overlaying the literal notion of mixing genre of landscape types, for instance mixing classical French garden style with Modern/Contemporary garden design. The Request was therefore formulated as a request for a mixed-use urban neighborhood park in Paris, France.

The process of producing the Proposal began with correspondence with my French translator. Research followed to selected a suitable enough theoretical site. Research continued on Proposal writing genre type, resulting in a rough draft outlining the core idea and essence.  Following reviews of the drafts focused both on content of the overall proposal along with the context of preparing the document for translation. Considerations of this include clarifying and simplifying language, avoiding slang or idiomatic language, being sensitive towards brands and products names, avoiding the use of synonyms, European and French construction standards, an ongoing definitions list of design terms outside of non-French vernacular, etc. Intermittently drafts were sent for peer review to my French translator for suggested definitions list or language confusions.

Proposal draft was formatted into a designerly layout to enhance the identity of the firm, adding a layer of intrigue and excitement for the audience. This also prepared the document for presentation. Perhaps the most challenging of aspect of this project, due to format and worry of French graphic design layout expectation, however, I eased my mind with the notion that I don’t want to misrepresent myself/firm identity and my previous experience and portfolio prove vast enough to articulate the wide range of landscape style and genre capabilities to ‘make the sale’. However I did decide to make some alterations to the presentation design to further the ‘sale’ of getting the proposal.

Closing this unit is an overall Reflection Memo. Reflections were considered on an overall context of the course content in relation to my personal experience of it, highlighting core influences and prevailing ideas, with a conclusion of Final Participation Grade based on the above discussions in addition to an argument discussing participatory action taken by the student.



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