Trans-Atlantic Project Documentation:

1. connected via with French correspondent > connected via Facebook

2. correspondence continued with Celia via email

2.5. lost my very thorough inclass notes for the Proposal and am very ticked off about it

3. Proposal Draft 1 completed, submitted to Celia via email

4. Proposal Draft 1 translator review:

I think that there are words used for design specifically. But most of those words can be found in a dictionary or sites we use to help us translating texts. A glossary of specific terms may be useful.

First, when you give an address in Paris, it must start with 75 (the department, I think you put 60099) but it may only be a detail. And then, you add the arrondissement : for the 15th : 75015, for the 1st : 75001…

You wrote “charattes” and then “charettes” but it is probably : charrettes (?) It is not very used in French (I have to check that, I don’t use that but I found it on the internet). It’s the same in French : “être charrette”. I found that it means an “intense period of design activity”, is it correct ?

And to be sure : “at different use periods of day” means that for instance during the morning a part of the park will serve some residents to do something, and in the afternoon (for example) they will be able to do something else ?

5. formatted Proposal Draft 1.5 with InDesign for graphic layout

6. edited from class notes and translator’s notes to Proposal Draft 2

7.  Proposal Draft 2 peer review:

I think the local Parisians will be thrilled with your project. I think this because of you wanting to make the urban park multi-functional. I like how you’re targeting all age groupsand genders.

no sources as of yet

executive summary provided excellent overview

love the layout

add a glossary: landscape jargon?

watch the verbs to begin sentences

good consistent wording = simple for translation

7. edited Proposal Draft 2 with peer review notes and more graphics to Proposal Draft 3

8. edited PD3, adding sources.




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