As Graphic Coordinator of SCASLA (NDSU 2011-2012), I worked on a great team revamping the entire structure of the organization. I designed our official Logo, as well as our official Letterhead, stationary (including meeting notes), and forms, along with posters advertising meetings events, promo posters, and posters for events sponsored by NDSU SCASLA.

Logos & Letterheads
//The ‘snowtracks’ logo and accompanying letterheads are a contemporary twist on traditional. The ‘snowtracks’ logo design took a our parent organization and fused it with our local identity.

Documents: Sign-ups & Reports
//These documents show how graphic personalization can enhance the user interface, as opposed to the often mundane typical stationary.

MTG posters & Desk Flyers
//Meeting posters compliment each meeting’s events for a quick visual reference for the viewer.

Event Posters
//Event posters entice the viewer with visual ques referencing the content of the Event and make sure to bold the date, location, and time for quick comprehension

Promo Posters
//As our organization was completely restructuring, we wanted to promote our newly established identity.



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