landscape architecture

Fargo, ND |NDSU
//high performance landscape systems

Dearborn Park
Chicago, IL |NDSU
//urban infill & post-industrial remediation

Theory |NDSU
//community neighborhood design study

Duluth, MN |NDSU
//urban infill & post-industrial remediation

Turning Points of a City
Rochester, MN |NDSU
//Studying alterations in urban form

Zoning Study
Theory |NDSU
//Conventional Zoning & Form Based: a conclusion of integrated methodology

Built & Block Study
Rochester, MN |NDSU
//urban infill & post-industrial remediation

Urban Form Study
Dublin, Ireland |CSU
//Landmarks, Paths, Districts, Edges, Nodes, & Urban Evolution

Gore Creek
Vail Village, CO |CSU
//local identity & sense of place

Walnut Street Courtyard
Fort Collins, CO |CSU
//local identity & sense of place

International School of Landscape Architecture
Vedauwoo, WY |NDSU
//urban infill & post-industrial remediation

Starstruck Park
Theoretical |CSU
//landform study for small walking park

Digital Methods |CSU
//using digital media methods for landscape expression

Landform & Vegetation Studies |CSU
//studying earthform and vegetative form


Graphic/Interactive MultiMedia & Art Design
Industrial & Ergonomic Art

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